Thermacell MR300 Vs MR450

Compare thermacell MR30 VS MR450 for the best mosquitoe repellent

thermacell MR30 VS MR450 for the best mosquitoe repellent

Thermacell MR30 VS MR450 Feature Comparison

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Each year mosquitoes seem to get more annoying and bring a few more friends to my house. Since they get even more determined to bite anything that moves I get more determined to find the best natural pest repellent. While my normal essential oil mix works great for personal use there are times I need to take it up a notch to protect an area larger than essential oils can cover. For these times the Thernacel family of devices comes in handy. The challenge with Thermacell is picking the right model. Lets take a minute to review two of the more popular models, the Thermacell MR300 vs MR450. .

                       Thermacell MR300 Thermacell MR450
Active ingredient D-cis/trans allethrin D-cis/trans allethrin
Batteries Not Required 1 CR2032
Dimensions 7.8" x 2.9" x 1.8" (LxWxH) 7.8" x 2.9" x 1.8" (LxWxH)
Hours of Protection Included 12 12
Zone Light No Yes
Rubber Armor No Yes
Zone of Protection Size 15 feet 15 feet